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Chilston Park Hotel + Lenham Kent

Palace in Wonderland The black and white half timbering of the medieval house jettying over the graveyard is matched by the monochromatic wooden porch gable attached to the Early and Very Early English St Mary’s Church. Coordinating domestic and ecclesiastical … Continue reading

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Sprivers House Kent + The Irish Georgian Society London

Rhymes with Rivers | Colon Irrigation At the Irish Georgian Society London: we do like our very private houses: the longer the laneway the better. Sprivers House in the Weald of Kent ticked both boxes and then some. We were the … Continue reading

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Mount Stewart Greyabbey Down + Lady Rose Lauritzen

Long Shadows Cross the Lawn Not many country houses are closely associated with their female lineage. Mount Stewart in Greyabbey, County Down, is an exception. The last two centuries have been dominated by the ladies of the manor. First there … Continue reading

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