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Mary Martin London + Article 10 The Royal Collection

Behind the Scenes Not many fashion designers are inspired by pieces of legislation but then not many fashion designers are like Mary Martin. In less than five years she has gained the sort of international recognition others would kill for. … Continue reading

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Samarès Manor Jersey + Seigneur Vincent Obbard

Entertainment Value These houses were built for entertaining. Samarès Manor is the only historic estate open to the public in Jersey. To that end, there’s plenty of entertainment to be had! You can tour the house; eat, drink and be … Continue reading

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St Aubin Jersey Town + Harbour

All Saints The Bailiwick of Jersey, in the Gulf of St Malo, is divided into 12 parishes which all border the sea. They are named after their historic parish church dedications: St Brélade | St Clément | St Grouville | … Continue reading

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Bohemia Restaurant + The Club Hotel + Spa St Helier + Lavender Farm Jersey

Eternally Rhapsodising | Love in a Warm Climate “So here we are…having our lovely cake and eating it too, one’s great aim in life.” Nancy Mitford We’re up Green Street. Chasing stars, potentially flickering, preferably established, Michelin stars. Steve Smith, … Continue reading

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The Garthwaite Family + Matfield House Kent

The House Where Time Doesn’t Stand Still Kent is pleasant in spring. Well, yes it is, but it’s jolly pleasant in summer too. Especially past the commuter belt, heading for the Weald. Even more especially when it’s one of the … Continue reading

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Trinity Restaurant Clapham +

Making a Meal of It Spending half our lives chasing Michelin stars across the Continent it’s easy to forget there’s one shining right on our doorstep. For the last decade. Lighting up the wild (south) west. Not so much up … Continue reading

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Hôtel Meurice Calais + Charles-Augustin Meurice

The Last Word Say again? More than a mere port, it’s a tale of two towns: Calais-Nord is a manmade island surrounded by canals and basins. St Pierre hugs the island to the south and southeast. Between Notre Dame Church … Continue reading

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The Crespo Family + Le Channel Restaurant Calais

Burgher Joint “Son cadre, ses produits de la mer, ses vins…” Along Boulevard de la Résistance occupying a ground floor unit of a typical modernist Calais beachy block (think Corbu in Corfu) and looking diagonally across to Bassin du Paradis … Continue reading

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Calais + The Doors

Ferry Tales Calais, full of surprises and more openings than a Bond Street gallery. Brassy, sassy and just a little bit classy.

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Richelieu Park Calais + Lavender’s Blue

Get Into the Grove Marilynne Robinson once more: “We have looked into Melvillean nurseries, and glimpsed the births of stars that came into being many millions of years ago, an odd privilege of our relation to space and time.” The … Continue reading

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