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Marseille + Anse de la Fausse Monnaie

The Wealth of Nations A kind of dark gorgeousness. It does translate, after all, as the Cove of Counterfeit Money. Advertisements

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Marseille + Vallon des Auffes

Up the Creek Below and beyond Marseille’s marvellous Mediterranean Corniche, the Valley of Grass ascends to hillside bastides and descends to coastal cabanons: from country houses to cosy cabins. Shabby chic: a tired old phrase for a tired old style, … Continue reading

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Frioul Archipelago + Chateau d’If Marseille

Blue is the New Black Blue Coast, Blue Flag, Lavender’s Blue.

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Marseille + Lavender’s Blue

A Veil Will Be Lifted After a divagation of a decade or two there was a gorgeous blossoming, first fruit springing forth following a certain attraction to the centre of cosmic reality, a spiritual gravitational pull occurring towards the close … Continue reading

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Lavender’s Blue + Bouches-du-Rhône

Differing Dominions | Completely Hinged Soon, very soon, all this will be the scene and subject of nostalgic memory.

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Casa Amatller Barcelona + Josep Puig i Cadafalch

Sweet Dreams are Made of This To describe Modernisme as Catalan Art Nouveau underrates its roots but it’s a fair starting point. The style originated in the 1870s when Barcelona was enjoying industrial prosperity and expanding beyond its medieval walls. … Continue reading

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St Josep Oriol Church + Diputació Barcelona

Sects + The City | Rosy Apple St Josep Oriol was a late 17th century Catalan priest canonised by Pope Pius X in 1909. Construction of the church named after him began two years after his canonisation. Enric Sagnier, a … Continue reading

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Hotel Continental Palacete La Ramba de Catalunya Barcelona + Lavender’s Blue

Demis, Dates and Dignitaries Marvelling at the marbling, living our best lives, we only live twice.

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Barcelona + The Doors

The Modernist Gaudí or gaudy?

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Casanova Hotel + Sky Bar Barcelona

Get a Room Our theme is love. Bildungsroman juice. Seasons come and seasons go. Late winter sunset over Barcelona. “We are at liberty,” as Cristina says in Woody Allen’s slick flick Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Sipping vermut mocktails coffee in Casanova … Continue reading

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