Belvedere Restaurant Holland Park + Holland House London


The told untold. Belvedere was once the Summer Ballroom of Holland House. Jacobethan and all that. Yeah yeah all very interesting but where’s the St Véran (O+C Club favourite)? Sorted. This restaurant is housed in a gorgeous fragment of a great house, a remnant of glory rebuilt, a figment of imagination realised. Halcyon days | salad days | Holland days. Saucy. And that’s before the Marie Rose with prawn cocktail and caviar arrives. Lavender’s Blue intern Annabel P is here and on form. And she’s got form.

Main course is fillet of sea bass, Jerusalem artichokes and mushroom dipped in balsamic jus. A winning formula. But hey we’re distracted by the fenestration. It’s a very glassy affair. Jigsaw panes of intersecting hexagons and rectangles reflect the timber herringbone floor. We’re transfixed. And that’s before we realise this place is really an art gallery masquerading as a restaurant. Mulled wine jelly with vanilla crème fraîche distracts our minds for a cold minute. Wait! What do Damien Hirst and Andy Warhol have in common? You guessed it! Belvedere.

The formidable Karla W rocks up working it and then some: black trilby, black jacket, black polo, black shades, black stilettos. Black is the new black. Some days, formal lunch blurs into informal dinner into the velvety night into the evanescent. Days like this. The Summer Ballroom has renewed midwinter purpose. It’s got form. The untold unfolded.


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9 Responses to Belvedere Restaurant Holland Park + Holland House London

  1. Janice Porter says:

    LVB sure knows how to celebrate the end of the year 🎈🎉🎊

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  2. Gosh, sure do. Many thanks to Annabel and Karla for adding to the jollity of what turned out to be a longer day than planned. Thanx guys X

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  3. Annabel P, what can we say? Thank you SO much for just being you for another crazy year. LVB X

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  4. And LOVE to Sal! LVB x

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  5. AnnabelP says:

    What an absolute pop art dream of a place we had fun didn’t we!? What’s not to love for a pre Christmas treat at the Belvedere it could become the new hot art pop art destination 🥂

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  6. Hilarious! Pop is the word! Maybe we’re actually creating destinations though… Belvedere crowd were certainly more entertaining than the Lanesborough crew. Where next? Such a dilemma. LVB

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  7. Huge thanks to Karla for flying in specially from Korea. What an honour! Jetlag? What’s that? Love you loads. LVB

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  8. Sally P says:

    LVB , The Belvedere looks amazing . A must do on our list. I hear the food is exceptional also .
    Thankyou for a fantastic year of exciting destinations we have been with you .
    Great reading and photography.
    Looking forward to more exciting destinations to view in 2019.

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  9. Dearest Sal great to hear from you as ever and a joy to share exciting destinations with you whether in person or in writing and photography! The Belvedere was a great end to last year so looking forward to continuing the tradition in style! More anon, LVB XXX

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