Cecil the Lion Dress + Belfast Telegraph Editor

Editor’s Viewpoint: The Northern Ireland Woman Chosen to Model a Dress Made in Honour of Cecil the Lion

“Activists should be proud of this tribute to Cecil the lion. The killing of Cecil the lion by an American trophy hunter in Zimbabwe led to an outcry from conservationists and new laws in the US making it harder for its citizens to commit such acts in future. But an animal rights activist from Northern Ireland and a London fashion designer teamed up to pay their own special tribute to Cecil. Mary Martin created a dress with a distinctive collar mimicking a lion’s mane, and Janice Porter, who runs an animal sanctuary near Omagh, was chosen to model it for a charity event in Northern Ireland. It was a unique way to remember a king of beasts while raising much needed funds for animal welfare.” Belfast Telegraph

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3 Responses to Cecil the Lion Dress + Belfast Telegraph Editor

  1. Janice looked absolutely stunning in the Cecile the lion dress she really had brought the dress to life, I am really happy I chose Janice the animal lover, her ginger hair locks glistening on the black dress this once again reminds me of the day I saw Cecile on the BBC news saying he had been slayed.
    Thank.you. X

  2. Janice Porter says:

    A real honour for this iconic dress to be modelled in Northern Ireland.

  3. What a team! All at LVB are breathless with gratitude and amazement at the combined talent. Huge congrats and thanks. X

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