Lifford + The Doors


Designed by Michael Priestley in the mid 18th century, Lifford Courthouse (now a restaurant and prison museum) with its Gibbsian keystoned rusticated pedimented doorcase is reckoned to be the most impressive public building in County Donegal. The better half of Strabane has several other discreet moments of architectural merit.

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5 Responses to Lifford + The Doors

  1. Ruari says:

    Courthouse door (adapted) top right? Bit unfair on (struggling) Strabane.

  2. Janice Porter says:

    My favourite are the white doors set against the beautiful stone work.

  3. Lifford is full of surprises great to be in yet another relatively undiscovered part of the world.

  4. Thanks for your comment Ruari. Actually none of the doors are of the former Courthouse (!) as it was under scaffolding that day. Similar style though.

  5. Unfortunately it looks like both Lifford and Strabane are struggling so good to highlight some positivity in the architecture…

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