Lavender’s Blue + Zürich

Well Insured | A Ulyssean Effort

Like all the best photographers writers, or at least James Joyce anyway, we’ve ended up in Zürich.

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7 Responses to Lavender’s Blue + Zürich

  1. I found your card in my handbag and thought who/where is this from?! Ha- I’m taking a punt and saying the Quod party – but I was also at an Irish fashion night that evening in Marylebone – I have totally confused myself!! Anyway it led me onto your website/blog, which blew me away. Amazing words and photography of the home country! What a lovely distraction from work! J

    Thanks a million!



  2. Hi Lisa

    Fans always welcome! Ireland is forever an artistic and literary inspiration…


  3. ps likewise we were at the two parties. All in a night’s work, so to speak. Afro Irish fashion to come x

  4. Stunning!! And great write up as usual! Mary Martin London

  5. Thanks Mary! Can’t wait for The Shoot! LVB X

  6. Janice Porter says:

    Continuing to enjoy my ‘travels ‘ with LVB 🙂

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