Medici Restaurant Frankfurt + Christos Simiakos + Stamatios Simiakos

The Italian Jobs

Popes, bankers, patrons of art – and – of late, chefs and restaurateurs. The name Medici has been synonymous with high achievers for at least 600 years. Two brothers have brought a little piece of Florence to Frankfurt. Modern Mediterranean cuisine has come to downstream downtown Mainhattan. Christos and Stamatios Simiakos may be Gummersbach born, but the establishment owes more to their Italian heritage. Make that fishfingers not frankfurters.

Medici is 14 years old. Restaurants age in dynastic dog years. That makes it middle aged, well established, past going places, arrived in life. But the Simiakos siblings aren’t resting on their laurels – which, incidentally, include a young Michelin star. Plus there’s a youthful buzz about the place. Maybe that’s the current clientele? Or perhaps it’s just the buxom Florentine belles bulging out from a fresco plastered over the dining room wall.

Who said don’t mix business (lunch) and pleasure? All two-and-a-quarter courses please. More is more. Merry hearts have continual feasts. Pleasant words are like honeycomb, sweet to the soul and health to the bones. Yes, it’s a hard job, but some people just gotta dine and do it. Decadence has a new.


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2 Responses to Medici Restaurant Frankfurt + Christos Simiakos + Stamatios Simiakos

  1. Janice Porter says:

    wonderful photography.

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  2. Frankfurt is so photogenic.

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