Pierre Chapeau + The French Paradox

Taste of Dublin

Georgian Donnybrook © Lavender's Blue Stuart Blakley

A sign in the shape of a wine bottle outside The French Paradox seduces passersby with, “Contents include instant wit, love lotion, truth serum, problem solver, liquid courage, magic, happiness, pleasure.” Promises, promises. Today’s the first day of spring and Donnybrook in South Dublin is soaked in promising sunshine. “It’s Saturday – relax!” says gregarious owner Pierre Chapeau. He’s from outside Cognac where he worked for Hennessy. Tanya his glamorous Irish wife pulls up outside in her car. They live nearby with their children.

The French Paradox Terrace © Lavender's Blue Stuart Blakley

The French Paradox is a wine shop cum wine bar cum deli cum restaurant cum petit(e) piece of Paris. Tricoloured but not green, white and gold. Today it’s also a cumly alfresco café. Pierre effortlessly rustles up a couple of omelettes. “Simplicity is the key to our food. We prepare ‘chic picnics’ which you can eat indoors. Breads, tapenades, truffles, charcuteries – that sort of thing.” “Red or white?” “Both thank you.” Pierre comes back outside carrying a taster tray of directly imported wines. Wine tasting à deux. Châteaux Franc Beausejour and Haut Bessac; Organic Marigny Neuf Cabernet and Chardonnay; Mas de Lavail Tradition and le Sud 11. Summer’s on its tray way.

The French Paradox Dublin © Lavender's Blue Stuart Blakley


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4 Responses to Pierre Chapeau + The French Paradox

  1. Dear Full of Roses. Your support and Christian poetry is inspirational. God bless. Lavender’s Blue

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  2. And once again thanks to you Pauly Death Wish! Keep living. Lavender’s Blue team x

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  3. clearly you are THE BEST IN THE WORLD. many thanks Pierre and tanya

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  4. Dear Pierre and Tanya

    We had the jolliest of times at The French Paradox thank you so much.

    Best, Lavender’s Blue

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