Caviar House + Prunier Heathrow Terminal 2


Caviar House & Prunier © Stuart Blakley

Where better to while away the hours lounging between transatlantic flights than reading Monocle Lavender’s Blue in the £1.6 million Caviar House & Prunier restaurant at Heathrow. Time flies. Chairman and CEO Peter Rebeiz remarks, “It is with great pride that we continue our 30 year tradition at Heathrow with our newest seafood bar and store at Terminal 2. A meal at the Caviar House Seafood bar has become a much moved part of the travel experience for many passengers. I am delighted that our newest restaurant is taking centre stage at Terminal 2.”

Hamish Johnston Quail Eggs © Stuart Blakley

Caviar House & Prunier is the only manufacturer of fine caviar and smoked salmon to serve its products in its own restaurants. A classic on the menu is the mouth watering Traditional Prunier Caviar. It comes courtesy of the Siberian sturgeon, Acipenser Baeri. Like its Caspian cousin, this monstrous beauty can grow up to three metres long. Caviar, The Definitive Guide by Peter’s sister Natalie Rebeiz-Nielson and Susie Boeckman includes dozens of recipes from tempura of aubergine and courgette with caviar to cream of leak and caviar soup gratinée. Quail’s eggs (from Hamish Johnston of course) and caviar really are the perfect breakfast at home.

To celebrate three decades at the airport, Caviar House & Prunier are offering for sale a wine collection from Château Lafite Rothschild. This collection of 28 Bordeaux vintages in original sealed cases dating from 1984 to 2011 is a snip at just shy of £410,000. It’s time for the chauffeur to load up the limo.

Nichols Feuillattle Champagne © Stuart Blakley


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